Why testimonials are important

When it comes to choosing your celebrant for the special occasion of your marriage you need someone who is going to make the moment just a little bit magic for you, your partner and your family and friends. Celebrants come with many varied styles, looks, presentation vibe and experience - no wonder it’s overwhelming when the time comes to choose one. A good idea is to check out testimonials - what are other couples saying about the celebrant and what did they like about them. What roles did...

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Hurray For Marriage Equality!

The 9th December 2017, heralded a wonderful change in Australia's history with the passing of legislation that now enables same sex couples to legally marry. And about time too! I'm a great believer in love - it's one of the main reasons why I became a Civil Marriage Celebrant and I felt the frustrations of the gay community in not being able to make a recognised commitment to one another. Today things have changed and I am excited to now be able to marry same sex couples. Brisbane, Gold Coast,...