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Planning a wedding through COVID

How Kristy and Mark got married ❤

I first met Kristy and Mark at a wedding expo in late 2018. They were newly engaged, totally excited about getting married and planned a wedding for 2020. They dreamed of a rustic themed wedding, hired a venue in Toowoomba and were happy to wait to give overseas family time to plan and come to the wedding. They, like so many other couples, could not foresee what was coming in 2020 with COVID. As 2020 progressed it became clear that their wedding could not go ahead and decided that they would wait and reset plans for July 2021. Heartbreaking as it was, they still hoped for their dream wedding with all their family and friends. As with all wedding vendors, my aim was to support and help them to achieve their dream. We met up again a few months prior to their July date, re did the paperwork (it was now out of date) and talked ceremony planning with a lot of excitement that this was really going to happen! We met again 10 days prior to the date and talked about our trip to Toowoomba and getting them married as they had planned for 2 years. Everything was ready to go!

2 days from their date we were in lockdown again. Family had travelled from interstate and everything had to be cancelled once again. Heartbroken we talked about their options and they decided that no matter they were getting married as soon as lockdown lifted. Mark and Kirsty were fortunate to live near a beautiful lake and decided they would get dressed up with a handful of family and friends present, say their vows and finally get married. It had rained for 2 days prior but on their day the sun shone, families were out and about by the lake and the laidback happy atmosphere really added to the moment. No frills, no fuss, just a beautiful ceremony and they were married. They played scissors, rock and paper to decide who said their vows first and Kirsty won! Their marriage was followed by a pizza reception in their town home …..not what they had planned but so very happy with the outcome and the happy memories of their day when disappointment turned into joy.

Planning a wedding through a global pandemic has tested everyone on so many levels, however, one thing we have all learned is that love survives and strengthens when things get tough. Mark and Kirsty are a true testament to resilience, patience and growing love through this time.

Congratulations Kirsty and Mark xx

Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine