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Why testimonials are important

When it comes to choosing your celebrant for the special occasion of your marriage you need someone who is going to make the moment just a little bit magic for you, your partner and your family and friends. Celebrants come with many varied styles, looks, presentation vibe and experience – no wonder it’s overwhelming when the time comes to choose one.

A good idea is to check out testimonials – what are other couples saying about the celebrant and what did they like about them. What roles did the celebrant provide (celebrant only/MC/wedding planner) and how did they engage with the guests? Some testimonials will go into details while others are brief with one of my favourites being simply “Awesome”.

When I married Sarah and George at Hillstone in Brisbane, I was both celebrant and MC. What a night! From the time I first met this couple we clicked. So much so they decided I would be the perfect MC and let all their guests relax and enjoy the night. Preparing for their ceremony I received this feedback:

Hi Adrienne

It [the ceremony] looks fantastic!

We are ecstatic with how it’s come together.

Thank you for making the process so easy and can’t wait for you to marry us on Saturday.

And after the event:


We loved you!!

Thank you so much.

You did an incredible job!!

By reading through or asking for testimonials you will get a sense of how well the celebrant relates to their couples, listens to them, delivers on cue, is reliable and talented in delivering your ceremony and other services they offer. Contact me if you would like to see more of my testimonials

Happy wedding day, Adrienne x

Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine