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Looking after yourself when things do not go as planned….

Planning a wedding takes time, energy, and a lot of emotion. To have your plans unexpectedly cancelled due to a pandemic is devastating.  Having to rethink and replan your wedding while managing the disappointment is no small undertaking. The restrictions have meant that weddings that were to be joyous occasions bringing together family and friends, often from overseas, have been halted with no idea as to when this might change.  Feelings of loss and grief when things don’t go to plan are normal. For many, this is coinciding with loss of jobs and uncertainty about the future. Grappling with all this uncertainty it’s important to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you get through;

  • focus on what you can control – spend less time worrying about what you can’t control
  • everyone has different priorities – do what is right for you – there are no right or wrong ways to manage this uncertainty
  • reframe your thinking – instead of saying this is so unfair consider how you are helping to keep everyone you care about safe and well
  • reimagine your plans and be creative about some options for your marriage eg. have a small legal only wedding with a ceremony and party when everyone can join you.
  • spend time on the things you most enjoy
  • use the time to explore wedding options and ideas
  • look after your physical wellbeing
  • Remember this will end and you will get married

For all the couples I was to marry in 2020 I have been blown away by your resilience, positive attitudes and willingness to reschedule, redesign (eg from 200 people to 20), and go with the flow ..

I can’t wait to marry you later this year or in 2021.



Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine