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Should you have a professional MC for your reception?

There are a million and one reasons why you should consider having a professional MC for your wedding reception. It has been a tradition to ask Uncle Fred, a brother, sister or mate and so often it is a disaster. We have all heard the stories of the inebriated MC and, while they may be chosen because they are ‘funny’, what these good folk don’t understand is how a venue works, the importance of managing time and the run sheet (just ask the kitchen) and the number of problems that pop up on the night that need managing. It is important to know that venue managers are not coordinators on the night and many couples find they are being constantly bombarded with questions about the reception/band/cake/drinks/dancing etc. For many family/friend MCs there is a high degree of anxiety about their role and they don’t relax and enjoy the night with you. There is a lot of money and emotions running high at weddings and all too often a calm and experienced hand is needed to manage those tricky moments in most weddings.

And who better to MC your reception than your Celebrant! Ask your celebrant if they MC receptions. If not there are many who will be happy to help you out as your MC.

Your celebrant has gotten to know a lot about you as a couple and you will have a real sense of their style and what type of MC they will be on the night. Some good reasons to have a professional MC:

  • They are professional and they will know a lot about what is needed to run a smooth and happy event.
  • They have the relationships needed to work alongside the venue, the wedding suppliers (DJ/band, photographers, entertainers) so they work together as a team.
  • They are masters of keeping to time and running to a time sheet.
  • They support those making speeches and keep the evening flowing.
  • They are polished, articulate presenters who make you their priority for the night.
  • They work with you to know any likely scenarios that might need a supporting hand.
  • They don’t get drunk!! (and shouldn’t use vulgar language)
  • They act as the go between you and the venue/suppliers to avoid you being constantly¬† approached for advice throughout the night.
  • You can relax, enjoy and party with your family and friends freely.
  • They stay until the end of the evening to make sure you have the perfect send off

As a trained professional MC I am available to be your Mistress of Ceremonies!

Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine