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What’s your wedding style?

Today there are so many options you can choose for your marriage ceremony and reception it is mind boggling!
Fortunately, there are no rules and, if it’s legal, you can get married anywhere in Australia with a civil celebrant. Whether you choose the beach, mountains, reception venues, pubs, a boat or a private home will depend on your style and whether a place has a special meaning for you. Don’t be limited by thinking only traditional venues, for example, couples have been married on the water’s edge with everyone celebrating catching a wave after the wedding. Hikers marry on top of mountain ridges or skiers in the snow with their skis….a park or private garden is perfect for the nature lovers. It can also be as easy as saying a few legal words and signing some documents and voila! you are married!

Where you choose to marry may also be guided by who you are planning to invite to the wedding. An elopement only requires the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses over the age of 18 years to be present. Many are choosing this option as it is intensely personal, gives freedom of choice of location and saves a huge amount of money! A post wedding party with family and friends can come later. If you do want to share this moment with family and friends a small intimate wedding is equally romantic and personal or a lavish mass production can give you a day to remember. The important thing to remember is this is your day and the purpose of the day is your marriage.

For those wanting a religious ceremony each faith will have its own rules and obligations so you will need check with your local Pastor/Priest for their guidance on marrying in the church.

I’m here to help if you would like to discuss your options and make your day perfect no matter how you choose to wed.

Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine