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What Makes a Great Wedding Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is THE reason for all the celebrations you have planned and dreamed of for so long. Written and performed well it will be the highlight of your day. Your wedding begins with the ceremony …it is the reason for everything else that takes place after the ceremony. There is no party without the ceremony. This is your opportunity to symbolically declare your beliefs, values and love surrounding your relationship and the future you plan together.

It is true that when couples look back on their wedding day what they remember is not the colour of the bridesmaids dresses but the emotions attached to their ceremony. The friend who cried through her reading, the mothers beaming with pride, the tears when the vows were read, the laughter shared with guests and two people making promises before their family and friends.

A great ceremony does more than reflect your feelings. It is meant to be wholly your own and reflect your personality, your style and your uniqueness. It is unlike anyone else’s ceremony….you want your guests to listen, think, laugh and pay attention to the proceedings. You want them fully engaged in the occasion. And it should be fun for you too.

As your celebrant my commitment to you is to really listen and understand what you both want to express in your ceremony. I’ll help you build an awesome wedding ceremony from scratch, because when you look back, it turns out that when you said “I do” will matter more than anything else on your wedding day.

Adrienne Irvine

Adrienne Irvine